If you are reading this with a view to seeking help, then you may well have been thinking about who you really are for some time. It can be very painful to start to accept that you may not be what you were expected to be or aspired to be for yourself or your family. Feeling that we must conform can lead to living a life that is not true to our real selves; we may even try to live the life expected of us instead of having the freedom to explore who we really are….this can lead to us pretending to be what we are not in order to avoid the painful process of ‘coming out’ and this in turn can be very depressing and often frightening.

Many people have a faith system that they live by or were brought up in and this can lead to further anxiety.

Counselling can help you to explore in a safe place who you might be, at a pace that’s comfortable for you.  You can explore choices available to you about coming out or not, and what the implications might be within your own life circumstances, culture and belief system.

The way we perceive ourselves is hugely important to our wellbeing, so accepting ourselves for who we are is key to finding joy in our lives.

Struggling to Cope with a Loved One Coming Out?

You may be the parent or family member of someone who has recently come out and maybe you are struggling with the whole idea.  Counselling can help you to explore how you feel about the situation and give you an opportunity to explore your expectations, love for that person and how to deal with the loss of your loved one as you knew them, then looking at how to love them again for who they are.

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