Rewind Trauma Therapy

The Rewind Technique enables us to process a traumatic memory and ‘file it away’ as if it had been a normal memory. This can seem impossible when something has dominated our lives for so long, but it can be done quickly and effectively. If you don’t feel you can tell me about the trauma there is no need to – there is no need to disclose anything to me about what happened if you don’t wish to. This can usually be done well within the normal 50 minute session. It is followed up 2 weeks later to make sure that the effect has stayed with you and was thorough.

What counts as a trauma? Anything that has seriously impacted on your life. Some examples would be a car crash, a death, a frightening experience on a boat, sexual assault, physical abuse, being told about a traumatic event which has played heavily on your mind,an operation or bullying. It’s more about how the incident has affected you. It does not matter how long ago the trauma happened.

After Rewind clients’ flashbacks have stopped immediately. Other effects may be hallucinations, obsessive thinking about the trauma, feelings of intense anger as a result of the trauma, phobias, nightmares and avoidant behaviour (avoiding things that remind you of the event, like places, smells or situations).

The Rewind will also work if you observed something or were told about an event and the imagining of it traumatised you – the thoughts in your mind of what could have happened can be just as powerful as actually witnessing them.

If you wish to know more about this please do contact me and I can explain more so that you can decide if it is for you.

This can be treated via Zoom just as effectively as in person, although you will need to provide yourself with a quiet space with no distractions.

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